Tips to Inspire Creativity

Qilian Mountain - Chinese Landscape Photography - Thierry Bornier

You may practice photography as a hobby or as a personal passion – whatever your motivations, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to find that special creative element. Some think that creativity is something that “you’re born with”. Yes, some people are naturally more creative than others, however no matter your natural creative level, it’s something that can be improved with some practice.

In this post, we’ll explore some tips to inspire creativity in your photo practice.

Don’t Get Stuck on Photography

When looking for the idea bulb to turn on, don’t limit yourself by focusing solely on photography. Take a step back and explore the different mediums and experiences that you share elements with what you are looking to create.

Trying to find the perfect angle for your next landscape shot? Get out there and take a walk, explore the space – not with your camera – but with your eyes and heart to find the right shot.

Consult Others

If you’re feeling blocked and unsure how to proceed speak with others. Try to connect with people who you admire and find inspirational and creative. They may be people you know, other photographers or media influencers… Ask them open ended questions to help brainstorm and ignite your creativity. The fresh perspectives can offer insights and inspire you take the next steps forward.

Learn About Those Who Inspire You

There are always people who have influenced your journey and your style. Identify those individuals and get down to the nitty-gritty. Research. Read. Explore. Watch. However you can learn about them, their work, their process, their inspiration is helpful with your journey and creative process.

Take a Break

Take a step on the wild side and break your regular routine or thinking process. Break the cycle to do something different. The breath of fresh air can help recharge your mind and give you new eyes to look at your projects.

Listen to Music

Inspiration can strike at any point. Researchers have found that there is a link between music, intelligence and creativity. Try to find something complex and stimulating that makes you think about the music not just have it as background noise.

Most importantly, don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Work to find your creativity and inspiration for your next shots.

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