The Yellow Mountains

The Huangshan mountain range – more commonly known as The Yellow Mountains – is located in the Anhui province in eastern China. The area has long been popular with among the Chinese for its history and tie to the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. Legend has it that the emperor lived there for many years, refining his medicines for immortality and ultimately ascending into the heavens, leaving his name to the mountains in doing so. Since his ascension, the peaks have leant inspiration to countless pieces of Chinese arts and literature.

Showcasing China’s Natural Beauty

Huangshan is a major attraction for Chinese and foreigners alike. With over 140 sections open for visitation, the sheer size offers a variety of landscapes for any visitor. The main attractions that draw visitors are the “Four Natural Wonders”: the creatively named pines, unique rock formations, the cloud sea and local hot springs.

The Pines

One of the most famous local pines is the “Welcome Pine”, which has been named for its shape that is reminiscent of a person with an outstretched hand greeting guests. Visitors can also find the “Black Tiger Pine”, Double Dragon Pine, “Phoenix Pine”, and “Couple Pine” throughout the park.

Yellow Mountains - Landscape Photography - Thierry Bornier

Rock Formations

Much like the pines, the many rock formations of the mountains have been named based on their appearance. The most notable of the formations is the “Flying Over Rock” – an impressive pulpit formation that serves as an impressive background for many visitors’ photographs. Beyond the individual formations, the towering peaks of the area offer an impressive site for visitors. 

Sea Clouds - Yellow Mountains - China - Thierry Bornier

Cloud Sea

One of the natural features that lends to the mountains’ mystic and mysterious nature is the natural sea of clouds that lap against the rigid peaks. Their fluid, wave-like quality adds to the enchanting experience of the Yellow Mountains. For Thierry, this “sea” adds a unique element and mood to his images.

The Hot Springs

The hot springs were discovered thousands of years ago and continue to uphold the legends that the area holds the key to eternal youth. It is even thought that the Yellow Emperor himself bathed in the hot springs and came out younger.

Sunrise - Yellow Mountains - Thierry Bornier

A Fifth Natural Wonder

Beyond the physical, naturally occurring beauty is the enchanting sunrise and sunset. When mixed with the other four wonders, the effect is wondrous. In “Yellow Mountains” above, beautifully captures the majesty of the pines, rocks and natural light. 

The natural reserve is another example of China’s vast and awe-inspiring landscapes. The area is a photographer’s hotspot for the diverse backdrops and natural beauty. Are you interested in photographing and capturing this unique destination? Join our October 2017 Photograph Workshop. See more details here.


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