Thierry’s Favorite Places to Photograph in China

China is one of the largest countries in the world and is full of cultural history and natural beauty. Geographically, it’s enormous and it’s no wonder that there are countless enchanting and inspiring peoples and landscapes that inspire Thierry Bornier’s work. Over the years, Thierry has fallen in love with this beautiful country and has chosen to focus on it because of its many unique regions and landscapes. If he had to choose, these are the Top 4 Regions to Photograph in China.


The Xinjang territory is located in the northwestern corner of the country. Over the years, it has be ruled under many different rulers and dynasties, but one thing has remained the same: its natural beauty. From the peaks of the Tian Shan Mountain Range to seasonal rivers and lakes, it’s no wonder that it has caught Thierry’s eye as a spectacular subject for his work.

fairy morning in Kanas - Xianjan -Thierry Bornier

His favorite things to shoot in the region the mountains, lakes, grasslands and desserts. Featured above, Fairy Morning in Kanas


This southwestern province is made up of a series of mountains and valleys. To adapt and survive in such steep conditions, local cultures have created an intricate system of rice paddies. These are the terraces that have become some of the most iconic subjects in Thierry’s work, their unique colors, shapes, reflections and spirit…

Beyond the mesmerising patterns of the paddies, Thierry is also enchanted by the golden fields of Luoping and the snow capped mountains of the Meili Xue Shan mountain range.

Patchwork of lands - Yunnan - Photography in China

Featured above, Patchwork of Lands


This region’s name translates to “Four Circuits of Rivers and Gorges” and is located just north of Yunnan province in southwestern China. The region has drawn Thierry’s attention for two beautiful national parks: Jiuzhaigou and Yading.

Jiuzhaigou, Nine Valley Village, lies on the border of the Tibetan Plateau and is made up of a series of stunning rivers and waterfalls that weave their way through snow peaked mountains. Up until recently, Yading was a remote and difficult to reach natural reserve. This region has heavy Tibetan influence and is made up of 3 sacred mountains and countless breathtaking vistas.

The area also boasts a number of temples that make a stunning contrast against the natural backgrounds.

River of ten thousand souls - Yaqing Temple - Professional Photography

Featured above, River of Ten Thousand Souls.


This southern region is located just across the straight from Taiwan and is comfortably warm year round. It is a unique destination because of its rich history, natural beauty and that it still remains off the beaten path for many visitors. From long winding coasts to the hidden corners of Gulangyu Island, the “Garden on the Sea”, Thierry has been particularly drawn to this area for its unique patterns and abstract landscapes.

Patterns in the Bay - Fujian China - Professional Photography - Thierry Bornier

Featured above, Patterns in the Bay.

All in all, it’s a really difficult decision to name just four of China’s many unique regions. Some other favorites that Thierry enjoys visiting and photographing are: Hunan Province, Guangxi Province, Guizhou Province and Zhejiang Province – where Smugglers in the Mist was shot. Each destination offer something unique for Thierry to shoot.

From rice fields and terraces to truly unique landscapes like stone forests, there’s so much China has to offer visitors and photographers.


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