iPhone Photography Tips

Whether you’re going on a trip or just capturing your day to day, your phone’s camera is often the first camera you reach for. It’s compact and easy to have on-the-go and offers quite a bit of quality for such a small device. In recent years, the iPhone’s have risen as some of the most popular devices (and camera’s) to have in your pocket. Their photographic ability has also begun to be recognized with awards, particularly the Annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS). The ability of the photographer and the image on the iPhone is truly impressive. See the 2016 IPPAWARD winners for the latest awardees – including some stunning images of China.

There are many components that work together to get the perfect “hit”, one important part is maximizing your camera’s functions. Here are 5 iPhone photography tips to help you get the best shot.


Activate the Grid

The grid is just as it sounds, a grid that that can be activated that helps with image composition. The set of vertical and horizontal lines allow you to line up specific elements and make it easy to follow the rule of thirds.

Turn it on : Settings > Photo & Camera > Grid Switch

Turn Flash OFF

Light is an important element to play around with, no matter your camera, but that doesn’t always mean using the flash. To get the right light for your photo –  go natural. The flash bulb on your iPhone is little more than a small LED and can sometimes leave photos looking washed out or with a strange hue. Instead opt for natural light, it is where your iPhone camera will perform its best.

Turn it off : The top right lighting icon.

iPhone Burst Function

BURST Action Shots

If you’re the one moving or you are shooting something that is, the burst mode is a great feature to capture those action shots. By simply holding down the shutter button, your camera will automatically take a series of shots -the longer you hold it, the more shots you’ll have.

To review your burst :  enter your camera roll, find the image you want and hit “select” from the bottom menu to begin reviewing and selecting the final shots.

manual iPhone Focus

Pinpoint Focus and Exposure

Whether you’re a focus pro or novice, this iPhone camera feature comes in handy. Once you have your photo framed, easily select your focal point by tapping where it appears on the screen. A yellow box will pop up indicating that this is the focal point of the image. If you would like to adjust the exposure of the image, simply hold down on the box until you see AE/AF LOCK appear. You’ll then see a small sun and line appear just outside the box, move the sun icon to adjust the exposure of the image until you achieve your desired effect.

3rd Party Apps

The built in camera app is a great resource for those looking to point and shoot and have the basic features. For those who are looking to take it a step further, there are a variety of 3rd party apps that allow for more traditional camera adjustments to be made.

Some of the big names include Manual, ProShot, and Camera+.

Technology never ceases to amaze with what you’re able to do on such a small device.

Have you learned any useful tips using your iPhone?

Photo credit: Travis Hayto, iPhone Hacks, Softwarert


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