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Peaceful Battlefield - Thierry Bornier - Xiapu China

The beautiful landscape of Xiapu is located along China’s southeastern coastline in the Fujian Province. It is well known as one of China’s top photography destinations for its diverse and stunning landscapes. The unique mix of surrounding hills, expansive mudflats and locals make it a beautiful destination for photographers and tourists alike. 

Much like the rice terraces, similar mudflats can be found around China. What makes Xiapu special is that it is the largest at over 40 square kilometers. This natural plain is made up of a variety of small rivers and lakes that come together to make the beautiful landscape. With the changing of the tides, different parts of the flat become visible and navigable. Locals have been living and thriving off this unique landscape for thousands of years. It is them who have installed the iconic bamboo sticks that pattern the area. A common site for visitors are the local fisherman making their way through the stick-canals as they head fishing.

The area has long since become popular among Chinese and international photographers. They have spent munch time scouting the area and finding just the right points for their shots. There are a number of local villages on the surrounding hillsides that people typically visit – and shoot from. Over the years, photographers have explored the different vantage points and each has found their own spots that fits for the time of day to get their shot. 

It is universally agreed that there is not “right” time of year to visit. The local climate is mild with some variation, however from a photography standpoint that variation can be good.

Times of year to keep in mind:

March – April: The best time to capture local fisherman on the river. 

April – June: This is one of the most popular times of year to visit Xiapu, during the seaweed harvest zt3v95x. The area is active with local farmers collecting and hanging seaweed out to dry.

July – September: Known as typhoon season, this time of year is guaranteed to have great cloud shots and intense colors.

October – February: Harvest season falls upon the area once again, this time the rich, red toned seaweed known as laver.

The area is also home to a variety of wildlife such as egrets, croakers and oysters. No matter the time of year you visit, the sunrise – sunset and natural surroundings are sure to present a beautiful scene.

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