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The Fujian Province of China is located in the southwestern part of the country just across the strait from the island of Taiwan. Historically, the region was extremely secluded and was difficult for developers and travelers to reach. This slow advancement meant that the province was able to develop ecologically and is now home to one of the most diverse biospheres in China. It has become commonly described as being – 

“Eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland”

Due to the region’s rich cultural history ecological diversity, there are a number of destinations to visit.

Here are our 3 top attractions:


One of the most famous sites in Wuyishan is the Mount Wuyi Scenic Area. The refuge area has created a natural arboretum preserving ancient plant species, animals and a unique primitive forest. Many visitors choose drift along the Wuyi Canyon to enjoy astounding views of the steep canyon walls, tree-lined shores and breath taking mountain views. Beyond the natural beauty, this scenic area offers an exclusive look into the area’s culture. The refuge has drawn people from around the region for thousands of years to pray. They pray for rain and blessings from other gods at some of the area’s many pavilions and village centers.

Gulangyu Island

This island oasis is located just off the coast from Xiamen City and is a quick ferry ride from the city. Like the Wuyishan region, this area offers a unique mix of nature and ancient history and architecture. Often referred to as “Sea Garden” the island and draws visitors seeking its mild seasons and year round lush, green gardens. Sunlight rock is a popular attraction that is known for its sun-like granite shape and beautiful light displays as the sun reflects off of it. Another key site is the Shuzhang Garden. This beautifully designed green space uses three key elements in Chinese traditional gardening to enchant visitors: hiding elements, borrowing from one’s surroundings and movement and is sure to awe any visitors who sees it.

xiapu bay - mudflats - sunset - profressional photography - thierry bornier


Xiapu is located in the northwest of the province along the coast. The area’s iconic mudflats have been an artistic centerpiece for many generations, enticing artists with their natural beauty and the unique bamboo patterns created by the local fishermen. Most recently, it has become a photographers paradise, since they can easily position themselves along the surrounding hills to catch the perfect combination of light, tides, patterns and fishermen. It’s no wonder this is one of Thierry’s favorite destinations to shoot!

Beyond the three listed above, there are countless destinations in the Fujian Province that are spectacular and waiting to be visited.


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