Daily Photography Practice

Whether you’re a new or seasoned photographer, it is necessary to dedicate time to the task. As with any skill, maintaining and improving means practicing. Luckily, with photography there are everyday situations and exercises that – with the right focus and concentration – will allow you to continuously improve your photography skills.

Daily Photography Exercises

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Take a Walk

Stretch your legs and work on your photography skills at once. A main purpose of the walk is to study your surroundings and capture specific moments of it – this means setting boundaries. Before heading out for your walk, set a limit of shots for yourself, for example 5 shots for every 30 min. By doing this, you’ll challenge yourself to focus and really identify the key subjects you’re looking to shoot.


A lot of photography practice is in the “doing”, but there is also a lot to benefit from taking a step back from the camera to study photography. One method is to create a folder where you save images that call your attention – on a daily basis select one and study it.  During this time, take a moment to reflect on the overall image, the emotions it invokes as well as the composition elements.

If it’s difficult to find the time to curate a full folder, try a daily visit to Flickr, Behance, Deviant Art or even Instagram for your photo studies.

Omer Unlu - Small Object - Flickr Award -

Find something small

Repetition is a fundamental part of any learning process, foster repetition in your photo practice by always carrying a small subject with you. Make this small knick knack a part of your daily photo practice by challenging yourself to shoot it in a new setting at least once daily. Try for new backdrops, angles, lighting and focuses to help build your understanding of how each can effect a subject.

Create a schedule

While, yes, we recommend setting aside a specific time each day for your photo practice – here we refer to setting a subject study schedule. This can be easily done by identifying various objects and assigning them to specific days or throwing them into a hat for a random drawing. It’s a simple as identifying everyday objects (a chair, a table, a book, a bicycle, children’s toys, etc.) to shoot from different angles and lighting and studying their shorts.

One of the most important elements of photography practice is creativity. Finding the time for daily photography practice may seem like a chore, however you should always try to integrate a creative element to your shots – whether it’s a new perspective, subject, different lighting situation or your own unique twist – try to think creatively.

Photo Source : Omer Unlukishjar?


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