China’s National Parks

Since 2010, Thierry has dedicated himself to the world of landscape photography, focused on China in particular. Over the last six years, he has been able to visit, explore and photograph some of China’s well known, and lesser known, National Parks. In this post we’ll explore the many landscapes that can be found in China’s National Parks.

Juizhagou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National Park - Thierry Bornier - Nature Photography - Landscape Photography

Also known as, “Nine Villages Valley” this park is located high in the Sichuan Province. Some of the main attractions to the park are the colorful lakes, waterfalls and foliage. The natural scenery is often thought to be some of the most beautiful in the province. Beyond the natural beauty, the park is home to a number of traditional Tibetan villages.

Guilin Lijian National Park

The Guardians of the Light - Guilin Lijian - Li River - China - Thierry Bornier

Unlike other national parks, this protected area preserves the beautiful landscape without the typical national park feel. The Li River lazily meanders through the landscape of Karst peaks exposing. Visitors often experience the park though river cruises, taking in the beautiful peaks, valleys and caves that make up the park.


Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie) National Park

Zhangjiajie - Thierry Bornier -

The most iconic features of this national park are the thousands of sandstone pillars and peaks that are found here. The steep peaks and valleys create a dramatic landscape filled with a number of endangered flora and fauna species. Most recently, this landscape gained worldwide recognition as the inspiration behind Avatar‘s out-of-this-world planet.

Huangshan National Park

Huangshan - Yellow Mountains - Thierry Bornier  - Chinese Landscape Photography

This small park is home to big views – the Yellow Mountains. Renowned as some of the most beautiful and inspiring peaks, the Yellow Mountains have been surrounded by myths and have lent inspiration for countless pieces of Chinese art, literature and poetry. Some visitors say that no other mountains’ beauty compare once you have seen the beauty of these. Other natural features that are must-sees on a visit are the unique rock formations, the sea of clouds and the pines.

Shilin National Park

This impressive national park is often referred to simply as, “The Stone Forest” for the iconic towering stone figures that can be found there. The jagged rock formations were formed naturally millions of years ago, from a mix of natural tectonic activity and erosion.The sheer size of the park is impressive, measured at 26,000 ha, however only about one-third is open to the public.

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Your photo of Guilin Lijian National Park is beautiful and also reminds me of the story of Ping the Duck, a children’s book. Your photos are very insightful and offer a new perspective on a land we do not see very often. I have only visited once. Thank you for sharing these!

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