Behind the Photo: Smugglers of the Mist

The Smugglers Of the Mist - Chinese Fishermen - Lishui China

The Lishui City Region in China’s Zhejiang Province known for its beautiful landscape with natural rolling hills, lakes and rivers that are inspiring. The city’s name literally means, “beautiful water” and when you mix the humid climate with the series of valleys, its natural beauty is incredible. The area has a long and rich history of local cultures living off the land producing silk, textiles and fish.

Chinese fisherman are not an uncommon site in the Zhejiang Province. The natural network of rivers and lakes that flow through the area have provided for the local peoples for thousands of years. In April 2015, Thierry was traveling through the region and captured this masterpiece, Smugglers of the Mist.

It highlights the traditional fishing vessels used by Lishui Fishermen in a truly unique way. It was shot from the shores of Xiangong (Yunhe) Lake. In order to get the perfect shot,

“(It’s) All about capturing the mood and the right position of the boats”

For Thierry it’s all about enhancing natural elements to get a photo’s mood just right. All of the components perfectly aligned for him to capture this stunning image of the Chinese fishermen. In this case, he used three crucial aspects: Lighting, Boats and Fog. After spending the day observing and taking in the lake’s beauty, he got the perfect shot just as the late afternoon sun played off the water and the fisherman’s sails, all accented by the low lying fog in the background.

The impressive photo has gone on to receive much recognition including being featured at the Professional Photographers of America’s 124th Annual Exhibition and winning silver at the Epson International Pano Awards.

Smugglers of the Mist - Professional Photographers of America - Award Winning

 Smugglers of the Mist - Epson International Pano Awards Winner - Chinese Fishermen

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