5 Reasons to Attend a Photography Workshop

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Photography workshops are a unique opportunity to break your regular photography practice. They can take you to new destinations, give you new perspectives and give you access to one-on-one professional guidance. Over the course of the year, Thierry has a number of organized photography workshops to take landscape photo enthusiasts to some of his favorite places to shoot around China. Here are five reasons to attend a photography workshop.

Get Inspired

Regular practice is important to continuously improve your photography skills, however many times you can you can fall into a rut and feel unmotivated and uninspired. A photography workshop is a great way to rekindle your inspiration. Not only are your provided with expert guidance over the course of the workshop, you are also surrounded by others with new perspectives.

Expert Advice

The purpose of a photography workshop is to get you into the field practicing your personal style – with the support that you need to continue improving. In order to provide this support, workshops have instructors, in our case Thierry, that are readily available for you to have as much (or as little) support as you need.

Best Perspectives and Conditions

Workshops are throughly planned photography outings. It takes the planning out of landscape photography trips and allows you to focus on your skills. Those responsible for planning the workshops take many things into consideration when preparing for the trips including best places to shoot from and the weather conditions for the period you’ll be attending along with all of the other travel practicalities. 

Constructive Critiques

Workshops are a special environment because they bring together many individuals who are interested in the same topics, seeking more or less the same outcome. In this kind of environment, you will be able to get (and give) creative feedback. Feedback may come from the instructor or fellow attendees and can offer a new perspective and help you improve your skills.

Travel Different

Photography workshops come in many varieties and may be local or an exotic destination. For the workshops that Thierry offers, they give you the opportunity to improve your photography skills while visiting some of China’s most unique destinations. Since you will be traveling with someone who knows the area and many of the local customs, you get a much more intimate experience with the travel.

Did you attend of of Thierry’s previous workshops? Let us know why you chose to attend in the comments.


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